Candy Corn Pupsicles

I'm not sure it's possible to resist making these adorable & healthy Candy Corn Pupsicles for your best friend. Come on, they are so cute! I'll be making these all fall through Thanksgiving.

The ingredients are simple. You will need 100% pure pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling), plain yogurt (choose a low or no sugar option), a The Bear & The Rat frozen yogurt cup (we like banana for this, but any flavor will work) and popsicle molds. Tip: the silicon molds rock for easy, non-stick removal.

Step One: the yogurt layer. Scoop the plain yogurt into the popsicle mold. We always look for a low or no sugar option. Then, freeze for one hour.

Step Two: the pumpkin layer. Grab your 100% pure pumpkin can. It is important to make sure it's pure pumpkin & nothing else. It cannot be pumpkin pie filling as this is dangerous for dogs. Add a scoop of pumpkin on top of your yogurt layer. Then, freeze for one hour.