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Fan Reviews.

The reviews are in and our fans give us two paws up!

“My pet store recommended our products because my dog was on antibiotics a lot. As soon as he started eating your yogurt, he looked happier and healthier. And he loooooves it!” - Julie

“Dexter has a somewhat sensitive stomach, and I worried about what might happen from eating so much frozen treat. Turns out his guts love it as much as he does! Other treats give him lethal gas or other "disturbances," but your stuff is pure magic!” - Eric


“You guys have invented doggie crack. He can’t get enough!” - May


"I recently took a small cup home to my two big boys to try....greatest purchase I've made yet! I've never seen my boys react to a frozen treat the way they did. One of them doesn't even like frozen anything. Both dogs went into a zen-like state closing their eyes while their tongues kept working at that little cup! They LOVE it!" - Nina


“Went for a nice hike at Chautauqua in Boulder a bit ago and packed a cooler w/ cold treats for the "kids"! Needless to say, it was the perfect end to a perfect outing!” - Kendra

“My dog Arlo, who really does not care much for food, just gingerly took the Bacon Peanut cup out of my hand and took it to his favorite munching spot-- so cute!” - Jenny

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